Kids’ Corner Day Care Center, is a non-profit organization that serves the Community. Every family of our Center has the same opportunity to participate in our program activities. We value the diversity and enrich our program with the participation of all of our parents as well as our Community. That way, the center supports multicultural activities where the children coordinate with their families to make presentations about their countries and cultures. Parents participate all year around in activities with their children like reading, family gatherings, mother and father day celebrations, field trips, Black History month, Spanish Heritage and many more activities that develops and enriches the developmental stages of our children.

Our Mission

Kids’ Corner Day Care Center is a bilingual, non-profit community organization whose mission is to provide children with a sensitive, secure, healthy, and caring environment. In order to ensure their comprehensive development, the Center offers life enrichment skills both to the children and their families within the context of a vibrant, dynamic and cohesive community. While open to all cultures, the primary focus of the Center is the Latino low-income immigrant community of the Washington, DC metropolitan area