Music Program Description

The purpose of this grant is to continue our music, movement and drama program which supports children learning and development and offers them the opportunity to appreciate their own culture through their participation in music, movement, and drama activities which enhance their creative development, encourage positive small/large group interactions and fosters the development of skills needed to be successful in school. Moreover, the children will be exposed to music, etc. from their cultures.

By participating in this project, children will have the opportunity to develop their communication, cognitive, physical and social skills and gain an appreciation of their culture through their engagement in musical, movement and drama experiences. Teachers will also have the opportunity to learn and implement new teaching strategies that involve the use of music, movement and drama, and will be able to offer meaningful learning experiences to their children.


Step-by-Step Program Description

Starting in the fall of 2006, Kids’ Corner has implemented the Step-by-Step Program, a project that seeks to elevate the quality of the day care program, particularly in language instruction, and improve outcomes in the children through increased support and training for teachers. The Step-by-Step Program is designed to offer teachers in-house day-to-day training so that they can learn while they work and integrate those learning experiences into their daily lessons and activities. The training is tailored to the unique needs of the workplace and the staff, helping to ensure that the training will result in improvements that are seen in the classroom. The choice to conduct training during the regular workday means there is a higher likelihood that teachers will attend the training sessions and reap the full benefits for their career development. This approach creates a learning organization that institutionalizes high quality standards while increasing the skill set of existing staff, making it more likely that they will stay and continue to invest their increased skill set in the children that are served.

The program includes hands-on experiences with appropriate practices, concrete examples and imaginative activities designed to assist teachers in the creation of the program curriculum and learning environment. The project also assists teachers in achieving their own educational goals, making the learning experience more pertinent and significant for them. This project gives teachers the opportunity to build and participate in their own learning experiences and be part of a transformation that helps them become better teachers, parents and members of the community.

The Center measures the progress achieved through the Step-by-Step Program using an outcomes-based evaluation system that uses observations, screenings, and questionnaires to guide the training and support provided to teachers and how these lessons are translated into the classroom environment to enhance their effectiveness. We evaluate teacher performance using a form created by Kids’ Corner that includes factors such as quality of work, communication skills and relationships with the parents, knowledge of working with children, and attention to the care of children. We evaluate child development, including communication and literacy and social development, using the Ages and Stages Questionnaires.