Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteers at Kids’ Corner Day Care Center are an important piece of our structure all year round. They have been one of our main support systems during these last twelve years. A volunteer has to be a person interested in working with children, going to school to get a CDA and has to be a person that understands and wants to learn the education needs of our children and the expectations of our community and our parents. Volunteers work under the leadership of a Lead Teacher. Every year we have 3-4 volunteers, who get the experience to work in a great place with a friendly environment that allows to take advantage of the opportunity of our program. There are few requirements for a person to be a volunteer at Kids’ Corner DCC. Please call our main office number for an appointment to see our coordinator.


A high level of parent involvement at Kids’ Corner is one of the Center’s defining characteristics. There are opportunities for parents to volunteer their time on a regular weekly, monthly or annual basis. Here are just a few activities that parents are involved in:  A group of parents take turns reading to different classrooms every Wednesday afternoon; Parents from international heritages speak about their home countries every month; The Annual Fall Fair fundraising committee is composed of parent volunteers. This group meets approximately once a month to discuss and plan the event up to its occurrence the middle of October.

Make a Contribution
There are many ways to contribute to Kids’ Corner. Joining the sponsor groups for the Multicultural Community Day, making in-kind donations, or simply making a contribution to the Kids’ Corner annual budget. Donate today!

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Kids’ Corner Fall Fair

This annual October event supports our music program. Music researchers have found correlations between music making and some of the deepest workings of the human brain. Research has linked active music making with increased language discrimination and development, math ability, improved school grades, better-adjusted social behavior, and improvements in spatial-temporal reasoning, a cornerstone for problem solving.